Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Get A Free Pizza DELIVERED!

That's right. You can have a pizza delivered to your front door. It will cost you nothing except for a phone call and an empty stomach. there are a few things to keep in mind before attempting this.

  1. The customer is always right. (Although anyone that has ever worked in customer service knows this to be false.)
  2. Things happen, employees make mistakes, managers fix mistakes.
  3. This will only work at major pizza chains. Unless specified.
  4. As long as you have a convincing story, which is provided, you'll be eating in no time.
  5. Prepare. Timing is everything.

Before you call:

Before you call and try to slap a pizza place in the mouth with some cheapness. You'll need to know what it is that you want. No matter what you have to know what you want so that you can know what to tell them. You can also look at there menu online and find out what kind of specialties they have.
  • Specialties are really good because a simply mix up that can happen, and often does, is that a customer will ask for a certain specialty without a certain topping and because of habit the employee will still add that topping. 
  • So know what you "ordered last time" and let them know it was not made to your liking, took forever, wrong toppings, cold, whatever you feel comfortable saying. Know the location of the "other store."
  • Pick a time the store may be busy, during a sports game, lunch or dinner times.

So before you call know what it is you "had ordered" and what store you "ordered from."

There are a few variations to how you can accomplish getting a hot pizza to your home. These are some of the more simple ways I have included a paraphrasing of a recent call.

CSR- Thank you for calling can you please hold?
Me-    Sure.
CSR- How can I help you?
Me-   Hi, I just moved in the area, I used to live further out west, anyway, I ordered a pizza from the **name omitted** over by Mississippi Ave a couple of weeks ago. I had to go pick it up because a driver was not available at the store, then I took the pizza home and it was no bueno. The manager at that location was helpful and told me he would credit it to my account.

These major chains don't have a linked database. Each individual store chronicles the caller with there phone number. So this is a really great trick when you have buddies over and you can use one of their phones.

CSR- What's your phone number?
Me-   **number omitted**
CSR- You ordered from this store?
Me-    No, from the one on Mississippi...
CSR- I don't see anything under this number.
Me-   That's what I am saying I used to live way out that way although now I am closer to you. There is a credit on my account and I would like to redeem it.
CSR- Sir, I don't see it.
Me-  May I speak to manager perhaps he may be more suited to assist me in this manner. Can you please fill him in on my situation. (This is a great tactic because it forces the person on the phone to explain to the manager what's going on. And it gets them to find a solution for you)

Be respectful as much as possible, be firm and hold your position. Remember nothing can go wrong over the phone. You are a customer that is having an issue it is there job to make you happy. Once the manager was put on the line he had already decided he was too busy to call another store and got on the phone and told me it would be delivered.

Disclaimer: A delivery fee is now common, simply ask a manager to waive the fee and it will be. Delivery drivers are people too. You are getting a free pizza please tip the driver, at least let him have a bong rip.

There are many ways to pull off schemes. Many ways to lie, cheat, and steal. The Cheapness never hurts an individual. Like the way a person can hurt people. When I say "person" I mean legal persons, corporate persons. they hurt people. Big business harms three E's. Employees, Environment, and the Economy. The Cheapness fights them back by using there tactics against them. Find loopholes, exploit them. Don't harm people, go after the person.

Signing off for now.


  1. wow, you, are a mastermind! 0o0

  2. Thank you for sharing. Looking for takeout delivery in Philadelphia, PA?

  3. It's working less and less and managers who get paid peanuts are actually shelling out personal money for "mistakes". I have begun to mark accounts for scammers and instruct my drivers to always collect the non-ordered product. It became so bad last year that the owner of the fanchise DROPPED wages for everyone... this means your driver is now making far less than minimum wage because of you. and most of the perps are well off or kids that don't have to pay for a roof over their head... hope you enjoy hell.

    1. Agreed. Same as people who run out on a restaurant or "dine and ditch." Girlfriend works at a Joe's Crab Shack in Nashville and some piece of shit walked out on his bill and she had to pay it out of pocket. Minimum wage for a server here is $2.00/hour. She walked away from the day with NEGATIVE because of it.

      People who lie, cheat and steal to a free pizza are fucking selfish, cheap pricks that ARE hurting others, whether from their personal pockets or in the form of write-ups on the job. It's ridiculous. You can get a Hot N Ready from Little Caesar's for FIVE DOLLARS and not risk getting hardworking people in trouble.

      Piss on all you!

    2. Calm down. They won't go to hell for being broke like myself. I found this looking for coupon codes. That being said, I do agree that it does hurt the employee when you steal. Where I live, in Chandler, AZ, Little Caesar's isn't around much. I haven't even seen one in over 10 years, which nulls out that solution. So if someone who has no money and hasn't eaten in a couple days, what are they to do? Food shelter? They won't give you much. You should think before shoving someone off to a fictional fire pit of doom.

    3. lol.. I was hungry and refuse to starve. This is the land of the free!!Crazy how the government gives foodstamps to pets but won't give people stamps smh.

  4. yeah dude, everyone knows that god monitors chain restaraunts.

  5. yeah dude, everyone knows that god monitors chain restaraunts.

  6. I have been doing this for years lol.. I Olive Harden, Buffalo wings, Apple Bees etc. I just did it at pizza hut for the first time today and they are making me a free pizza to be delivered in 30mins lol. You can do it anywhere if you sound angry enough and always ask for the manager

  7. No, you probably won't go to hell for scamming a free pizza, but you certainly deserve to. I'm an order taker and when someone scams a free meal, it's deemed a mistake on the order taker's part, and the order taker has to pay for that person's meal. I'm a single mom and you are taking food out my kids' mouths. If people scam an order taker enought times, you lose your job because you've made too many "errors". Shame on all the pizza/meal scammers!

    1. Really? People deserve an eternal hell for ripping off 15-20 dollars? An eternal torment of unbearable agony? Do you think before you speak or do you just say whatever sounds good to you?

    2. It depends. If it's an I tried to but couldn't find affordable food kind of intention, then no. If it's an I don't care what I did, I was hungry or a small theft is no big deal, then maybe yes. ESP if that intention is constantly or always shameless.

  8. Damn. God forbid someone hungry actually tried to get food. All you people saying send them to hell need to think before talking. You don't know the scammers situation. From the sounds of it at least one of you are a fanatic christain. FYI most people America don't believe in hell. Ten to one because America already is a sort of hell. I.E. Donald Trump running for president is just one example of why America is going downhill.

  9. While I'm all for fucking over capitalist bullshit. I used to be on the other end of this. 99% of the people aren't nice about it. And they're horrible and we hate them and yes, we do mark your accounts after 1 free pizza...some stores 2. And guess what, after that one or two, you have to start returning product or having a receipt and if you continue to harass us, we end up marking a no delivery zone by order of a district manager because you're a scammer and those files grow and sometimes get sent to the police or have the police involved because people shoot others over pizza. I worked in a fucking call center for a major chain and this is procedure. Just stop.

  10. Don't rip people off. When you rip people off you hurt those who work for businesses. Instead, get a free pizza from


  11. 2 large pizzas $5


  12. 2 large pizzas $5

  13. Am so upset. I don't have a Margareta with all sorts of topping's please TANKING YOU ;)

  14. No one wants to end up eating only humble pie and stuff like that. Heaven (Gd's Mercy) has nothing to do with our hunger, desire, or deeds. Mostly or only with our intention to Gd's Commands and belief in Gd.

    In Gd We Trust. We trust in what only Gd said about Gd. What only Gd and the Prophet said about the Prophet. Before anyone else or no one else. That's a truly holy book. That's the Qur'an.

  15. Put it this way. A risk is not worth a pizza

  16. Or to keep the point a big risk is not worth anything illegally or inexcusably satisfying.

  17. Don't sinjoy. Just enjoy. The legal and sinless way. Good health be with you as much as good taste.

  18. Look at this. This country is something else. We're no longer in a tv, phone, or walk in person age. We're now in an internet age. That means everything and anything can be done online. We forgot about that. It's that easy. Free of charge and free of sin. Living large and innocent.